Premium Carbon Wheels Handbuilt in Brooklyn USA

STOX by Hand

About Us

STOX by Hand

STOX by Hand started its journey in Sydney Australia in 2016. After a few years of building wheels for himself and ebay clients Shane decided to take his passion to the next level and launch the business. After a couple of successful years operating in Australia, Shane and his family moved to New York in December 2018.

As such STOX by Hand is now operating out of Brooklyn, with their operation totally online.

Our wheel building principles are this:
1. Find the right technical partners  for our components, rims, hubs spokes, We base our criteria on technical knowledge/expertise foremost, and then where we see real value in their products.
2. We work with this these partners to ensure our components are designed/manufactured to create a seamless fully integrated package. The wheel.
3. The final step is the wheel build. Each wheel is meticulously hand built by myself, if I am putting my name behind the wheel then I want to ensure its done right. I follow a strict process to ensure that the wheel is built to within .15mm total run-out (laterally and radially) and that each spoke is uniform in tension to the to the surrounding spokes, typically its identical. Its this level of consistency in the build that helps  wheel longevity and performance.