Premium Carbon Wheels Handbuilt in Brooklyn USA

STOX by Hand

Our Build Process

Our wheel building principles are this: 

1. Find the right technical partners  for our components, rims, hubs spokes, We base our criteria on technical knowledge/expertise foremost, and then where we see real value in their products. 

2. We work with this these partners to ensure our components are designed/manufactured to create a seamless fully integrated package. The wheel.

3. The final step is the wheel build. Each wheel is meticulously hand built by myself, if I am putting my name behind the wheel then I want to ensure its done right. I follow a strict process to ensure that the wheel is built to within .15mm total run-out (laterally and radially) and that each spoke is uniform in tension to the to the surrounding spokes, typically its identical. Its this level of consistency in the build that helps  wheel longevity and performance.

I use highly accurate instruments for alignment and spoke tensions


Our Technology

Our Rims

STOX Rims rims utilize heat-resistant resin of up to 210 degrees. As many rim manufacturers have opted to use higher temp resigns of @240 degrees we have utilized HAV nano fiber technology to help with heat dissipation. Our thought process is lets prevent the rims from actually getting too hot. 

We  have also applied EPS high-temperature one-piece internal molding  technology  in the rim production (also used in high-end frames and wheels), This  method involves 360º  core molding, it can resolve the problem of dead angles in ordinary bag  molding, and achieve stronger and more solid structures. We believe our 38CC rims are some of the strongest around. We put a customer on our 38's who had a history of smashing carbon rims in the past, 9 months in and he is still on the same rims. Happy customer.

Spoke holes are drilled with the specific hubs in mind ensuring perfect spoke alignment.

The finish on the rims is unidirectional raw mat finish. This shows off the beautiful patterns in the carbon which changes with the angle of the light.


Our Hubs

 STOX Hubs Our STOX hubs are manufactured in Europe with our supplier applying their aerospace expertise to the manufacturing these beautiful hubs.  Their geometry enables use to build laterally stiff wheels as the non drive spoke tension is 80% of the drive side. This enables us to get a laterally stiff build with a traditional 2x spoke pattern on the drive side and no drive side.

  • STOX EZO HUBS: Our premium models are fully machined from 7000 series anodized aluminum and have oriented flanges to optimize the spoke tension. They run on super smooth EZO 2RS (double sealed) Japanese bearings (the best). 60 engagement points in freehub, very quick 6 degree uptake. 6 Pawls
  • STOX Hubs: Fully machined from 6000 anodized aluminum body and 7000 freehub and run on double sealed 2RS bearings. Oriented flanges for optimized spoke tension and alignment.  3 pawls and 30 engagement points for 12 degree uptake.


Our Spokes

Our Spokes 

We use Pillar Aero Wing spokes. They are made with T302+ stainless steel and their unique design reduces potential weak spots and provides maximum Aero benefit. Their design is based on the same principles are that of a nose cone of a plane.