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WITTSON Custom Titanium Frames

STOXbyhand is proud to be the product ambassador for Wittson Frames in the USA and Australia. Each frame can by fully customized to your measurements , delivery (product sent) within 30-45 days.

Test Bikes available in New York

Wittson Custom Ti Cycles

Already well known as a frame-builder for COLNAGO, Vidmantas “Vitas” Zukauskas has been building best-selling frames from the mid-90s, going by the names Monotitan, Ovaltitan, Ovalmaster, Master BiTitan, CT1, etc. These works of master craftsmanship are broadly recognized and their quality speaks for itself. As COLNAGO moved on to Asia and carbon frame production, Vitas continued to specialize in ti frame building for other brands, including ARGON18, RED BULL, VAN TUYL etc. Over time, Vitas has become more and more well known as a master in ti frame building with worldwide orders from cyclists that value craftsmanship. His son has become involved in ti frame building and they have embarked on a new journey with WITTSON. These are bespoke tailor-made frames built to last a lifetime.


road race disc ILLUMINATI

With Illuminati we wanted to create the stiffest road race disc frame ever built,

What makes the Illuminati so special? As you might know, our family  artisan workshop specializes in building custom titanium frames and if  we decide to offer something standard it means it should be something  really special. With Illuminati we wanted to create the stiffest road  race disc frame ever built, therefore we have created this frame from  scratch and you won’t find anything like it on the market. 

The frame is  built from oversized tubes in super compact geometry with shallow  seatstays creating a triangular look, which has given the Illuminati its  name. And if that weren't enough, we have shaped a diamond toptube in  seamless Grade 9 titanium! 

To add even more stiffness, we have built the  Illuminati with a conical 1.5” headtube, PressFit 30 bottom bracket,  made in USA flat disc mount combined with DT Swiss thru axle dropouts.  Simply put, if you’re searching for a racing disc machine and rigidity  is top of your list, this is your choice! Handcrafted in Europe.

road race SUPPRESIO


If you know what grade 9 ti is all about, there’s not much more to add…  or wait, maybe there is?! This is the only road race frame model that we  offer as standard and it’s called Suppresio. 

Around 20 years of  experience in building ti frames leads to offering the best and most  innovative possible options: a super light frame with integrated  seatmast, conical headtube, integrated shifting and brake cable routing,  bi-ovalized toptube, hydroformed conical chainstays, PressFit 30 bottom  bracket, made in USA PARAGON dropouts etc. 

Simply put, if you’re  searching for a racing machine and rigidity is top of your list, this is  your choice! Handcrafted in Europe.

Winner of Campagnolo Choice Award at Bespoked UKHBS and Best Design at national Good Design Award.

triathlon VENTU

Our family decided that it was time triathletes could finally enjoy the performance that titanium of

Our family decided that it was time triathletes could finally enjoy the  performance that titanium offers. Imagine the aerodynamics of a carbon  bike and the riding quality of titanium - you've found it! Ventu is the  only titanium triathlon-specific frame in the world. However, when  building it the challenge proved to be bigger than expected. Normally,  seamless grade 9 tubes are round, whereas aero tubes are welded. But  this wasn’t a compromise for us, so we managed to source seamless aero  tubes that literally fly into space. These tubes are used for downtube,  seattube and seatstays. 

The seattube uses patented THECNO  integrated aero seatmast which has an adjustment of 20mm. To improve  the aerodynamics even more, we integrated the stem, seattube, rear wheel  and cables. The integration of the stem was another thing we had to  rack our brains over, but I believe we nailed it.

Every single Ventu is customized to fit your personal aero position like a glove.